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Can't wait!!

Hit that restart button as many times as is
                  necessary, and keep on going, coz you can!
Remember, many can't.

All ya need is a cushion and it looks pretty
comfy and the red bird (Buckeye) to keep you company.
There is two faces visible on the arm rests? You
wonder what this is all about? 

Very peaceful here! And beautiful!!

Snow fun!

A cutie one today

The sun is gone in Ohio today, but I promise it
will always shine here on your dose for today!

Magic happens when you DON'T give up, even though
you want to. The universe always falls in love with a
stubborn heart. ~JmStorm
A person like yourself honestly becomes 10 times attractive
not by their looks, but by their acts of kindness, love,
respect, honesty and loyalty they show. Try it.
~ Unknown
Betcha didn't know that sometimes miracles are just
simply good people with kind hearts. Ponder this.
~ Unknown 
If you are hurting and continue to focus on the hurt, you
will continue to suffer. That is not what any of us want to
do! If you focus on the lesson, you will continue to
grow - and grow - and grow to feel happiness.
~ Unknown

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