The Beginning.mp3

This way ..

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I do not claim to own anything. I like to share
the talents of others. "Thank you."


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A T-pot with a Sunflower to shine. How creative!

O my. What a shame. Just everything left behind,
even material pieces. One can only imagine just
how heavy this might be. They don't make them like
this anymore, that is for certain. And in some where
out of the elements, but not the birds!

So very precious

It would appear to be bath time 
and enjoyment with bubbles

And what a fun time here!

Thought a chocolate fix was in
order for this Monday.

Huge "creative" practiced here. How lucky for
these stones/rocks to be found and decorated.

How so very small and pretty. 
More talent overflows here.

A beautiful butterscotch kitty, enjoying that fire.
Such contentment all over his face. Love those paws.

Life has a way of fleeting.
Make the most of each day.
Live! Tomorrow waits for no one.

I'm a very proud Navy
 daughter and

For 21 years I was a 911 dispatcher.
I now volunteer for our Community
Watch program thru our
Sheriff's Office.

A note from me

A new week for us. Another day, another
gift. Open it and do good.
Be safe and be aware of everything and 
everyone around you.Always try and sit 
in restaurants facing the door so you 
can be observant. Take care. 

Never gonna end by 
saying good-bye, just
"catch up with ya later!"

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