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Please feel free to use anything on my pages.
I do not claim to own anything. I like to share
the talents of others. "Thank you."
Today I would like to wish my Mom a happy
birthday! You have been blessed with so
many days to live life and
be blessed with so much. Celebrate!



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What a wonderful room this probably once was. 

I like to dwell on quotes, I have always 
loved quotes. I probably will include
more as time goes by and if my time allows.
I feel they are good words to live by and inspire
us to change our way of thinking at times to
help us along in our tough world today.

Life has a way of fleeting.
Make the most of each day.
Live! Tomorrow waits for no one.

I'm a very proud Navy
 daughter and

For 21 years I was a 911 dispatcher.
I now volunteer for our Community
Watch program thru our
Sheriff's Office.

A note from me

Enjoy all days, they are a gift you know!
Be safe and be aware of everything and 
everyone around you.Always try and sit 
in restaurants facing the door so you 
can be observant. Take care. 

Never gonna end by 
saying good-bye, just
"catch up with ya later!"

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