Easter, April 1, 2018

Please feel free to use anything on my pages.
I do not claim to own anything. I like to share
the talents of others. "Thank you."

Love this animation, it even
has the shadow.

Makes me wish for Spring all the more.

It is good to dream, but it is better to

dream and work. Faith is mighty,

but action with faith is mightier.

Oh my - what a shame. Those stained
glass windows. 

For you - so sweet.

Bless you for being here, 
please share my pages.
"Thank You!"

Look at those tummies!

I still have a clothes line and clothes pin bag!


These stairs remind me so much of my Grandma's stairs.
There was carpet however. The door to the right
led to her and Grandpa's bedroom and straight ahead was
one of those little windows instead of another room.
Crazy wallpaper as well.

Love the old country churches. Wish they would have built
more small churches instead of big and huge fancy
city ones with all the trimmings. Yes, I say, can a place
of worship be too small or too big? The answer 
to both is probably yes. 
It is the purpose of these buildings that counts.

Awe! The dog is resting his chin on the boys shoulder.
Wow, wonder what the both of them are looking at?

Let's color ...

For those of you who cannot read the
quote - here it is. Sorry it is not real clear ...
Life is delicate and precious. Handle
with care.

I WILL catch that butterfly one of these days!!

Stay humble,

stay kind.

Life has a way of fleeting.
Make the most of each day.
Live! Tomorrow waits for no one.

I'm a very proud Navy
daughter and


For 21 years I was a 911 dispatcher.
I now volunteer for our Community
Watch program thru our
Sheriff's Office.

A note from me
 Thank you once again for stopping by. Be safe and be 
aware of everything and everyone around you. 
Always try and sit in restaurants facing the 
door so you can be observant. Take care. 

Never gonna end by 
saying good-bye, just
"catch up with ya later!"

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