John Barry Give me a smile.mp3

Please feel free to use anything on my pages.
I do not claim to own anything. I like to share
the talents of others. "Thank you."

Such a pretty shade of pink!

Celebrate today!
Celebrate life!
Many are denied 
both & much more.

A good example here. Smile and
enjoy the ride. As always, many are
denied this ....

I do love the older homes with most always having a
large front porch with lattice work to complete.
And always large long steps, usually with no hand-rails.

Say hello to Mr Daily, he likes being here daily

Create a place in your home,
at your work, in your heart,

where you can go for quiet 

and recollection.

You deserve it.


I would like to be like a sunflower; so even on the darkest
days, I would stand tall and find the sunlight.

In its day I am sure this quaint little church held 
many worship services. Old school, the best school.

Love all these faces!
Just love her long coat and that
polka-dotted hat.
And I do love her audience.
A happy family. Looks like they
do have a cozy home.

Bless you for being here, 
please share my pages.
"Thank You!"

I WILL catch that butterfly one of these days!!

For 21 years I was a 911 dispatcher.
I now volunteer for our Community
Watch program thru our
Sheriff's Office.

Stay humble,

stay kind.

A note from me 
Thank you once again for joining me. 
I hope everyone had a nice weekend. It still
remains very, very cold here and snow showing
up now making for people finding it difficult
to get from here to there at times. While
I know it could be so much worse, it still
makes me long for Spring all the more.
NOW ....
do remember to be careful, be safe and be 
aware of everything and everyone around you. 
Always try and sit in restaurants facing the 
door so you can be observant. Take care, 

Life has a way of fleeting.
Make the most of each day.
Live! Tomorrow waits for no one.
Never gonna end by saying good-bye, just
"catch up with ya later!"
And if you should go in peace, it makes the flowers
sweeter along the path.

I do welcome you to sign my guestbook or
you can just view it. Thank you.

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